Dr. Philip Smith’s “Still Betting Your Life on Pen and Paper?” Recording


If you missed Dr. Philip Smith’s presentation for the Bryan University Showcase Series, you can view the recorded session by clicking on the below link.

View the Blackboard Collaborate recording





Dr. Smith discussed critical information on the computer provider order entry (CPOE) transition in healthcare, including:

  • The opportunity for continual process improvement
  • The need for standardized data systems
  • The essentials of change management in the CPOE process
  • The need for skilled workers capable of executing CPOE
  • The timelines and measurements for CPOE compliance
  • The dangers associated with traditional pen and paper methods of order delivery

We hope you enjoy Dr. Smith’s presentation.

The Bryan University Showcase Series will feature guest speakers each month addressing pivotal issues in healthcare and how technology is helping to solve problems.

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