Meet Watson: The Machine That Can Win on Jeopardy and Provide the Ultimate Second Opinion

Showcase-Series-Logo_1-22-13Bryan University recently hosted Christine Kretz from IBM Watson for our latest Showcase Series session, Are You Sure it’s the Flu? During the live discussion, Christine introduced Watson—IBM’s technology that could very well be the shape of things to come. Watson is capable of incredible feats, including winning on Jeopardy. However, in healthcare, Watson can provide cancer patients and oncologists with alternative pathways to treatment. Watson Wins on JeopardyOne day, Watson could be the tool general practitioners use to help diagnose patients. Although it can’t replace physician intuition, it can learn, adapt and, ultimately, help physicians by delivering alternatives to diagnoses. Second opinions are great, especially if you don’t have to leave the doctor’s office.

IBM Watson turns natural, human language into indexed keywords capable of turning the linguistic into inquiries of evidence. Watson ingests language from medical journals and other research and learns. The more Watson learns, the more it adapts, thereby analyzing natural language and delivering responses of salient data. Over time, Watson gains confidence based on its successes and failures of language adaptation in the practice of prediction.

How IBM Watson Works

To learn more about IBM Watson, view the recorded session and learn how technology will play a central role in healthcare.

Learn more about Bryan University’s Master of Science in Applied Healthcare Informatics program and how you can be part of the future of healthcare.

You can also download the IBM Watson white paper, The Era of Cognitive Systems: An Inside Look at IBM Watson and How it Works.

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