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The Lawn and the App

Florida autumns are beautiful. The sun is at an angle where you can still get some color, but by late October, the humidity tapers off. Having spent most of my college years in Florida, I remember these times fondly. Students would sprawl out on the massive lawn that separated the buildings, auditoriums, and library in an indelible green. On any given day, more than 200 students would soak up the sunshine in the space between classes. Some students tossed Frisbees or footballs. Others would simply lie there in the warm afternoon sunshine, clustering in groups that freckled the lawn with other colors. Regardless of the size of these groups—regardless of what they did or how they unwound between classes—there was always one thing in common. Community.

At least once each week something would happen on the lawn that would unite these groups into a crowd. Someone might have busted out a guitar. Someone might have broken into an impromptu speech or demonstration. One of the many clubs might have organized a rally. Whatever activity sprouted up on the lawn, the inevitable outcome was a captivated audience. The students talked about things that may or may not have had anything to do with their majors, their still distant and abstract plans or any other aspirations. The lawn was the place where the life shifted its axis away from the gravity of academia.

Bryan University believes that a thriving student community is essential. We are proud to announce the launch of a new tool that builds connections beyond the classroom. The Bryan University Student HUB on Facebook is your lawn. While we can’t deliver the sunshine, we can give you a platform to come together and talk about things that matter to you. Yes—it has the look and feel of Facebook, but it is much more intricate than status updates.

Are you a fan of Dexter? Are you a workout enthusiast looking to share your plans with other students? Are you into photography or creative writing? Chances are you are not alone. And thanks to the marvels of social media, you can seek out other students who share your interests. The Bryan University Student HUB on Facebook app will introduce you to other students and encourage you to build friendships. You don’t have to share a class or even a major.

Enjoy your lawn.

About George Emmerich

George Emmerich is the Director of Digital Communications at Bryan University. He has worked in higher education since 2006 and is passionate about driving community through knowledge sharing. He has also been writing far longer than he cares to admit.

George has a passion for all things wonky and geekish. In his free time, George enjoys sports, writing fiction, and photography.


  1. Adarine Swindell says:

    Hi George! My name is Ada, and I am a new student at Bryan University Online. I am a Facebook fan, and I will be waiting for an invite from you so that I can join this forum. Thanks!

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